Imagine what it would be like evaluating hundreds and hundreds of instruments. It might be fun, but you might need to take several years off from work to get it done. And who would assist you in evaluating the quality of construction and artistic merit of instruments that sound good to you? How do you know that the maker isn't a hack, or that the instrument isn't going to fall apart in a few years? Is there even the remotest chance that you could play all of them "side by side"?

That's where contests come in.

In a contest, a bunch of prominent players, experts and connoisseurs get together to choose the finest modern instruments in the world, based on sound, workmanship and artistic merit. In this environment where they can play everything "back to back", where everything possible is done to insure fair and reliable results (they don't even know who made the instruments they are judging), Burgess instruments have been the overwhelming favorite. Looks like you can keep your job after all.

One other thing worth noting:

You hear all the time about makers making an instrument or bow specifically for a competition. Burgess has NEVER made an instrument FOR a competition. He's just grabbed whatever he had on hand, his normal production. So you can be assured that this contest-winning quality is typical, not the exception, and representative of the instruments which are available to you.

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For more information about Burgess violins, violas and cellos, contact David Burgess at:
1510 Glen Leven; Ann Arbor, MI 48103 U.S.A.
Phone: (734) 668-7803
Burgess Violin Maker Main Web Site: http://www.burgessviolins.com

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